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Democracy is under threat if the referendum vote is not honoured

07 November, 2019

• MARTIN Kennedy’s wonderful letter (There’s nothing democratic about the EU, October 31) describes accurately the echoing of the late Tony Benn’s view and experience of his hands-on dealings with the European Union.

Apart from Martin Kennedy’s description of the absolute absence of democracy in Brussels, his comments about the lack of transparency of the accounts and finances and the years of not being made available for public scrutiny and reminds me of Camden Council’s auditing of accounts history!

What is amazing for me is that without a bullet being fired (except in Yugoslavia’s case) sovereignty has been willingly surrendered and what Hitler aimed for has been achieved.

It could be called an EU Reich since Germany is the dominant player along with the major banks controlling its members states and plundering their assets, Greece is a prime example.

It will be interesting to see if democracy in the true meaning of the word is carried out after the UK general election and the wishes of the 17.4 million people who voted with full knowledge to leave three-and-a-half years ago.

No doubt there will be desperate moves by the remain elite, with their powerful financial backers, trying to influence the result.

I am not against the European peoples but those powerful political elites who have, in the past, dragged us into conflict with their ambitions.

We live in interesting times and democracy is under threat if the people’s decision of three-and-a-half years ago to leave the corrupt EU is not implemented.

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