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Democracy means we can oppose a non-binding referendum

08 March, 2018

• STANLEY Johnson is receiving rather too much publicity for his switch to Brexit, based, as he confesses, on little thought, merely a wish to support his son (Stanley: Bite the bullet and accept Brexit, March 1).

And we are urged to respond like sheep. Baaa, let’s all go over the cliff edge because Stanley says so. But we don’t have to support the government, or a non-binding referendum, precisely because we do live in a democracy in which we can campaign to reverse an elected government’s policy.

So, doubters and leavers, government research has shown there is not a single area in which the country would be better off outside the EU.

Respect is due to decades of former Conservative and Labour governments who have taken part in expanding and strengthening the EU (even after initial doubts), recognising that it is a uniquely successful alliance. Virtually the whole of Europe is now united. No mean achievement.

It has gone from strength to strength in ensuring that all citizens can receive safer food, safer products (including toys and cars), breathe purer air, enjoy cleaner beaches, buy property, live and work anywhere, benefit from co-ordinated policing and defence.

Dangerous drivers can no longer escape from a crash by driving over the nearest frontier. Rational politicians can see it is crucial for Britain to play an even bigger role in the EU. Self-promoters want to be bigger fish in the smaller tank of Little England.

But are they motivated by concerns for our welfare or their own fame? Let’s stay with thoughtful politics with proven beneficial outcomes.



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