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Developer Essential Living is disregarding our concerns

11 January, 2018

• CONCERNING Essential Living and its persistent disregard for our community (100 Avenue Road battle and Send in your objections, January 4).

With the demolition of the steps and access ramp at 100 Avenue Road just before Christmas, while the Construction Management Plan is still being considered, we have yet another example of this developer’s blatant disregard for the local community and the process of democratic consultation.

A specious argument concerning a “Certificate of Lawful Existing Use or Development” was used to sanction Essential Living’s determination to ruin our neighbourhood and to continue dogmatically to ignore our concerns.

Is there sufficient reason to view their disregard for our community (99.9 per cent voted against the scheme) as a human rights abuse?

If built, the abuse of our community will not stop because the design itself is made to use Winchester Road a major driveway to the tower, and its horizontal building, and to service the entire new build with its commercial outlets.

Winchester Road and the cul-de-sac part of Eton Avenue by the theatres and stalls is to become a very busy public highway servicing this monstrous building.

Such a disregard for democracy ought surely to be challenged. Perhaps Camden Council could give consideration to this aspect of the law. The law is noted for its flexibility of interpretation.

So far flexibility has been utilised by the unbalanced power that City Hall gives to developers such as Essential Living. Essential Living, right up to the present, has displayed a remarkable disregard for the democratic process.

It’s time to pull the stops out Camden. You have the entire neigh­bourhood behind you. Gather some moral courage.

Chair, Winchester Road
Residents Association


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