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Discussions with Carlton… no decisions have been made

28 November, 2019

• I WOULD like to acknowledge the many concerns that have been expressed about the future of Carlton primary, (Carlton Primary School: Parents vow to fight closure threat, November 14).

We do face an unprecedented situation with dramatic reduction in pupil demand and very high vacancy rates. At Carlton the vacancy rate is now over 40 per cent.

All our primary schools met together in the summer and asked officers to try to find a sustainable plan for our very successful primary sector. The discussions with Carlton are part of that wider project and no decisions have been made.

In looking at ways forward officers have considered the numbers and scale of new housing but do not consider it will be enough to compensate for the serious drop in current and projected pupil numbers.

There are no easy solutions but I do not underestimate the significance of schools like Carlton in the lives of the local community.

I would also like to reassure readers that there are no plans to close the early years’ centre in Lismore Circus (There are more covert proposals coming out! November 21) although we will be consulting on how best to use its resources.

Cabinet Member for Best Start in Life


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