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Mr Jenrick, you are not welcome in our village

14 August, 2020

Robert Jenrick MP joins Oliver Cooper, the leader of the Camden Conservatives, in Belsize Village

• HOW dare government minister Robert Jenrick enter our community and deny our democratic right to object, (Minister tells ‘streatery’ critics: Get out there and don’t waste the summer, August 6).

According to Mr Jenrick, objectors to the scheme, which was imposed upon the local community as a fait accompli, are “wasting the summer” and would be far better off “getting their wallets out to support local business”.

No, Mr Jenrick, this village is not a business park! It is residential and the superfluous number of restaurants which already dominate the small area are not a special case.

The élitist little dictatorship aka “the streatery” is not about local people. In fact, the number of locals actually dining there is minimal, if not non-existent altogether.

I had to fight my way through a blockade of tables and chairs illegally occupying the terrace pavement yesterday afternoon in order to visit the pharmacy from my home.

Why Camden has continued to pander to this farce for a second month is totally beyond me.

The village is now one enormous restaurant, fine for the wealthy visitors who probably find it “quaint”; not so pleasant for residents who haven’t even the choice of a few affordable retailers on their doorstep.

Do not make a return visit to our village, Mr Jenrick, you are not welcome here. Using the pandemic as an excuse for your interest in our community, fools no one.

Belsize Avenue, NW3


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