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Do something about these dangerous cobblestones

23 November, 2017

Cartoon: John Sadler 

• I WISH Camden Council would do something about the dangerous cobblestones in Lancaster Grove, NW3.

At the end of Eton Garages, just near Eton Avenue, some years ago I tripped up on these stones and they are now even worse. Unbelievably, a speed bump has been installed – on the pavement!

Outside the former fire station there is a mass of cobble­stones. It would be appreciated if the pavement part of this forecourt could be flattened down or the cobblestones removed altogether.

On every corner there are small but treacherous bumps which always seem to catch in my shopping wheels. I wish these could be filed or planed down.

Last, but not least, outside the pub on the corner of England’s Lane and Belsize Park Gardens up to the chemist, there is an accident waiting to happen. Please put this right.

Just look at the roads in this area – smooth as glass – with most of the speed bumps removed. Thank God. If only pedestrians had this luxury.

Lancaster Grove, NW3


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