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Don’t damage kids’ education further

11 September, 2020

Carlton Primary School

• CHILDREN have had their lives turned upside down this year. And now Camden want to damage their education further.

The closure of Carlton Primary School is yet another mistake by the Labour-led borough. Is this yet another cost-cutting exercise by the council impacting on the young and elderly?

Camden have closed schools, care homes, and day centres over the past few years. These buildings now lie empty or sold for more unaffordable housing.

The attack on this school by Camden appears to be solely to cash in on the vulnerable.

Camden are using the excuse of low birth rates as a reason to close this fantastic school, the truth being they have forced out families as Camden has become a haven for élite high-earners. Families have been forced out by rising costs and job losses.

Sir Keir Starmer has spent a long period of time during Covid-19, pointing out what the government have got wrong – they have created “a self-inflicted mess” and lost the confidence of the country.

Would Sir Keir and the Labour Party care to boost the confidence of the constituency? Come on, make yourself heard. Let’s try not to disrupt these children’s education further.

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