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Don’t make the food in bags mistake

13 June, 2019

• THE streets are only strewn with torn apart rubbish bags because residents have mistakenly put food into these bags.

When Ketron Miller (Please give me a wheelie bin, June 6) rang Veolia to complain about the removal of the black (rubbish) bin, a reminder should have been given that “rubbish” for the orange bin does not include food or food waste.

Animals are always on the search for food. Foxes, mice, rats, etc will break open any bag on the street if they can smell food inside it.

Veolia states clearly that food trash needs to be recycled in the small green bin (put it near the kitchen sink) and the handle that closes it keeps smells etc away.

Biodegradable bags can be bought (maybe provided by the council?) so the food trash can be tied up and disposed of into the small brown food waste collection bin for outside every week.

This also has a handle that ensures animals cannot open it. These brown bins can be shared by flat owners or used individually. They are light and easy to handle.

The orange bags should only contain actual dry non-recyclable “rubbish”. All containers which had any food in need to be washed out, before putting in the orange bags, to ensure no food smells attract animals.

Ring Veolia on 020 3567 8105 to ask for a kitchen food waste bin and outside brown food waste bin.




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