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Don’t vote austerity

20 September, 2019

• THE Tory government is now proposing to put the retirement and entitlement for a state pension age up to 75. This is outrageous and a real backward step.

It’s a transfer of assets from ordinary people, who have worked hard paying in tax and national insurance all their lives.

The Tories would not stop there – once it’s up to 75 they would increase it to 85 and even bring back the workhouses.

We should be proposing to bring the retirement age down to 55 for both men and women.

We can stop this, but we must unite behind Jeremy Corbyn and support him, and ensure Labour is the winner at the next general election.

It’s no good supporting smaller parties or parties that have been in coalition with the Tories before, and supported their austerity programmes.

If you don’t want to retire at 75 then support Labour, it’s the only party with progressive policies.

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