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Double lamppost mystery baffles neighbours

Council say its twin beam set up will remain in place for up to eight weeks

12 February, 2021 — By Tom Foot

Both have working lights 

NEIGHBOURS have been swapping theories about two lampposts installed right next to each other.

The mystery deepened when workmen – who have been replacing old lampposts in the street – returned over the weekend and fitted working lights to both.

They leave a super bright beam on a spot of pavement in Priory Road, near the junction with Compayne Gardens, in South Hampstead.

Dr Bernard Cummings, who lives close to the lampposts, said: “I realise that these are dark times for everyone but imagine our neighbourhood’s surprise to see that Camden Council in its infinite wisdom has decided to install not one but two street lamp posts less than two metres apart from each other.

“Both lamp posts were fixed in place by two very enthusiastic able-bodied workmen. The only reason for this remarkable engineering feat can surely be that the Council wishes to impart more light on citizens?”

The new light bulbs being fitted 

A council spokesman said the double lamp post would be left in place for four to eight weeks, adding: “We are replacing the old lamp posts on Priory Road as part of our programme of works to replace old lamp posts in the borough with greener, energy-efficient lighting.

“Our contractor removed all of the old lamp posts except one, which shares a supply connection with the UKPN network. We have instructed UKPN to complete the transfer of the supply cable from the old lamp post to the new one.

“Once completed, the old lamp post will be removed. In the meantime the old lamp post will remain in use.”

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