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Is this the biggest England fan in Camden?

Loyal supporter got Three Lions tattoo ahead of Russia 2018

05 July, 2018 — By Helen Chapman

The proud supporter at his home in Malden Road

MEET Hugh, a football fan with a strong claim to be the biggest England supporter in Camden. He doesn’t want us to put his surname in the paper, because he says he is a private man at heart.

But such a retiring nature does not apply to his garden, which has caught the eye of people walking by over the past few weeks, with a giant World Cup display at the front of his flat.

His home on the Southfleet estate, in Malden Road, Chalk Farm, has been covered with St George flags and red-and-white footballs, making it impossible for anybody not to know who Hugh is backing to bring home the trophy from Russia.

Hugh said: “People stop to look. We have good neighbours and they don’t mind it. The postman loves it. It’s had a great reaction because everybody wants England to do well.”

Every day a new decoration has been added as England get closer to making the nation’s dreams come true.

Hugh adds a new decoration every day 

“I grew up on Royal College Street next to what was the Black Horse pub,” he said. “I’ve always lived around here. I remember breaking mum and dad’s settee in 1966, jumping up and down on it. Everybody had flags out in their gardens.”

He was eight years old when Bobby Moore and the boys won the World Cup at Wembley.

“I have a replica shirt from ’66,” said Hugh. “I can’t wear it anymore though. It doesn’t fit since I’ve put on a little weight.”

He does, however, have 15 different England shirts, which he wears on rotation, and is sporting a new tattoo for the World Cup: an England crest, naturally.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted and now I’ve finally got it,” he said. “The cheapest I was quoted in London was £220. Instead, I went to Worthing, where I got it for £50.”

Drivers passing by are beeping horns as they see the display, bunting and balloons.

“When I’m in the car, I have a football anthems CD with ‘Three lions’ on it,” Hugh said. “I have it on blaring out in the car when I’m driving.”

When the New Journal knocked on his door this week, a black cab zoomed by beeping its horn.
“That’s our mate. He often drives by doing that,” he said.

But does Hugh think Gareth Southgate, Harry Kane and his England heroes are really going to go all the way?

“I hope so,” he said. “But I wouldn’t want to make predictions.”

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