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Efficient, friendly and helpful… all GP surgeries should be like this

12 October, 2018

• MY very lovely GP surgery, Goodinge Health Centre in North Road, arranged a drop-in session the other Saturday (September 29) for flu vaccines for people who cannot come during the week due to work commitments.

Not only is this a very helpful arrangement, they also laid on refreshments, cake and fruit for all patients. It didn’t feel like a surgery, more like a community event. The atmosphere was so friendly and “week­endy” and all the staff were there to help in their usual jolly manner.

While they were doing the vaccines they were reviewing what else we were due for. In my case an asthma review was done. It was so well organised.

This is the most efficient, friendly and helpful GP service I have ever come across. My friends and relatives are astonished by the excellent service I receive, because their GP surgeries are just about adequate.

This was the nicest thing to do for patients at Goodinge and very, very thoughtful of those waiting on a Saturday for a flu jab. This should be the benchmark for all GP surgeries.

If other surgeries were so “on the ball” when it comes to reminding patients of reviews and check-ups it would certainly ease the strain on the NHS crisis and A&E visits. Thank you, Goodinge, for looking after my family so excellently for the past 10 years.

North Road, N7


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