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Eight women who run not to build barriers, but to break them

17 May, 2019

Women’s Equality Party MEP candidates for London

• PEOPLE across the UK are worried about rising inequality. Having spoken to many Islington residents, we know they are frustrated with the two-party system and the Brexit stalemate, and will be using their vote in next week’s Euro elections to push new, exciting and progressive voices into this stagnant political landscape.

The Women’s Equality Party has put forward eight women as London MEP candidates for Thursday, headed by author and journalist Catherine Mayer, who co-founded the party in 2015. I am an Islington resident and am proud to be one of the party’s candidates.

The Women’s Equality Party has a bold EU manifesto, which we have delivered to the other major political parties, encouraging them to “steal” our policies.

The manifesto includes the vision of a care workers’ passport to deliver the best health and social care services across Europe; ending violence against women and trafficking across Europe; making a commitment to reproductive rights a pre-condition to EU accession; and implementing truly shared parental leave across member states; as well as tackling climate change.

We are running not to build barriers, but to break them; not just to remain, but to advance, because equality is better for everyone.

London EU election candidate 2019
Women’s Equality Party


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