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Emergency op for shoelaces cat

Specialist in Belsize Park save the day

22 June, 2020 — By Geoffrey Sawyer

The laces found inside Kathmandu

VETS unravelled the mystery behind a cat’s vomiting after finding a clump of shoelaces in his intestines.

Pet owners have only been able to take their animals in for emergency treatment during the coronavirus lockdown.

And this was the case for Kathmandu, a three-year-old Burmilla, who needed an ultra sound to reveal where the blockage was.

Surgeons at the London Vet Specialists in Belsize Lane, Belsize Park, said they had to continue working during the outbreak – with social distancing measures in place – to make sure pets did not suffer.

The cat’s owner, film director Huse Monfaradi, said: “When we were shown the size of the bundles of laces, we were really shocked. It was a lot of string shoelaces but none we recognised as our own, so more likely something he had consumed while out and about.

“The surgeon wasn’t able to give a timeframe as to when they were consumed but said they could have been in his system for two weeks.”


Dr Janet Kovak McClaren from LVS said afterward: “Eating shoelaces, string or yarn is actually a very common thing to do but it is very fortunate that Mr Monfaradi brought him to our hospital when he did as left untreated this type of blockage of the intestinal tract could be very dangerous.”

The cat had been showing distress by vomiting regularly, as well as drinking large amounts of water and then going off to hide.

A small incision was made to his stomach last month to clear the laces, but the cat has since made a full recovery.


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