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Emphasis must be to get people who have lost their jobs back to work

17 September, 2021

• REGARDING the retention of the uplift of £20 to Universal Credit, surely the emphasis should be on getting back into work those unfortunate enough to have lost jobs during the pandemic.

The government surely made a massive error in levying this extra money in the first place, as it is now proving particularly difficult not to retain it.

Yet jobs are now becoming more available. Many coffee shops are closing early due to lack of staff, no doubt due to foreign-born contingent of people, upon whom they have been most dependent, having been forced to return home.

Surely those found out of work in the hospitality industry can step up to the plate? Similarly students could potentially take up the slack.

I have suffered many periods of unemployment and I have yet to recall being offered an extra £20 per week, temporarily or otherwise. Nor was I forced into attending a food bank.

I imagine that some have found themselves in a precarious situation, having to depend on a state subsidy that is completely alien to them, yet formerly having decried others in a similar situation.



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