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End the hysteria on climate change

13 June, 2019

• THE letter (Climate change is an emergency that won’t wait, June 6) shows how far the current hysteria is going, with a subject so much a matter of huge uncertainty and in fact propaganda.

It has even been put into the hands of a Swedish schoolgirl with Asperger syndrome to inform the world.

The three Extinction Rebellion letter writers state: “We need legally binding policies to reduce carbon emissions in the UK to net zero by 2025, and take further action to remove excess of atmospheric greenhouse gases”.

One assumes that they mean by “carbon” (nasty and dirty sounding) CO2, a vital trace gas without which all life would cease, vital to all plant growth and exhaled by all animal life every second, as well as stored and released by the world oceans.

“Greenhouse gases”, so called because CO2 is pumped up into greenhouses to make plants grow better, in fact covers the largest “greenhouse gas” of all, water vapour, making up about 95 per cent of all such gases.

They also demand that the “excess of atmospheric greenhouse gases” be removed. How do they calculate what is supposed to be “excess”? Excess of what figure? Who and what determines this imaginary figure?

CO2 is currently around 410ppm (parts per million): in past ages it has been at least 1,000ppm, and the planet was covered in green plants and life forms, all of which flourished as a result.

Ice core samples have shown that, in fact, temperatures rise first, due to many factors, such as sun cyclic patterns, gravity, axial tilt, orbit, cloud cover, oceans, volcanic activity, electromagnetic cosmic rays, and so on, with CO2 rising afterwards.

The question of infrared feedback CO2 effect is still a matter of uncertainty and theories. It is barely possible to determine which CO2 is natural, which man-made.

What these writers call for, banning things, controlling things, making laws to be obeyed, further funding (taxpayers’ money), and so on are unattainable anyway, and would make barely any difference even spread over a century.

They also seem not to realise that virtually everything in the whole world economy and their own lifestyles depend on and result from the use of fossil fuels.

They assert with no evidence that floods, storms, droughts, whatever (no doubt the heavy snows which happen) result from “climate change” which we must urgently control.

That such things have happened always, and that during the last Little Ice Age 1450 to about 1830 extreme weather events happened on a large scale.

Can we please have some calm and allow debate not to be hijacked by global warming hysteria? Science is not an area of religious fanaticism and dogma: debate and exchange leads some ideas to change and be revised.

Worst of all, proper environmental matters are sidelined by this current obsession with “climate change”, where anything that happened in weather and climate are now classed as abnormal and all our fault.



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