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Enforcement on face masks is non-existent and anarchy prevails

11 September, 2020

We need face-mask enforcement

• IN the week I’ve been appalled by the failure of people to obey the legal obligation to wear face masks on public transport and in supermarkets – it’s no wonder positive Covid-19 tests are rocketing.

I used the Javelin high-speed train to Ashford and I observed half the passengers that I could see had pulled their masks down.

The Overground was worse. About 20 per cent similarly had pulled down their masks to below their noses or, worse, to their necks. At least 15 per cent of Overground passengers displayed no mask at all. Absolutely no enforcement.

When I shopped at John Lewis’s food hall when it opened at 10am on Thursday I was horrified to note that of the dozen or so construction workers from nearby Cavendish Square, rushing in to buy their sarnies, about half of them were ignoring the obligation to mask up. When I challenged one he offered “to sort me out”.

If my local Lidl can successfully deny entry to anyone not wearing a mask, why can John Lewis not police their doors and, as Lidl do, and politely ask shoppers to “mask up”?

Enforcement on masks is non-existent and anarchy prevails. Very bad news for us “oldies” and for the accelerating spread of Covid-19.

Bartholomew Villas, NW5


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