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Estate is a nightmare for someone with a disability like me

04 December, 2020

• I AM disabled and have just been moved from Bunhill ward to Packington Road Estate, only to find there are huge one-foot kerbs everywhere, and no drop kerbs.

It’s a nightmare! How could they get it so wrong on a new estate? I picked this estate for its bike parks, as I am disabled and have an adapted cycle, but they are useless for me and my tricycle.

You must hang your bike up on the wall. Who can do that? Maybe the Tour de France team?

Not even an able-bodied woman could do that. Which is probably why I have to share the lifts with people’s cycle wheels in my face, and all the balconies are littered with bikes. Ridiculous!

Why doesn’t someone do something? Isn’t there a residents’ association?



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