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EU set up sounds democratic and accountable…

11 January, 2019

• CÉLINE la Frenière tells us she resented the lack of democracy and unaccountability of the EU, (Theresa May’s deal is botched and she must go, January 4).

It is a favourite Leaver falsehood which should be challenged. Politics Prof Hussein Kassim, of East Anglia university has written that the EU’s supreme political body is the European Council, composed of the heads of government of all member states, all democratically chosen.

The European Commission, or strictly the College of Commissioners, is regularly described by lazy commentators as a group of “unelected bureaucrats”.

Kassim says the president of the commission is chosen by the party winning most votes in elections to the European Parliament and is elected by that parliament.

The president selects the other commissioners from persons nominated by governments. The college only takes office once it is approved by the parliament, which has the right to require it to resign.

The commission proposes laws but they only become law if approved by the council and parliament. Sounds democratic and accountable to me.

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