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EU supporters should watch their alarming language

11 October, 2019

• I READ in the October 4 issue of the Tribune something that frightened me and I think that was the intention.

Someone said that leaving the European Union without a deal would be a “catastrophe”. A catastrophe is a vision worthy of an Old Testament prophet; hirsute thunderer, and risks an Orson Welles episode.

Those using that word in a predictive way should be mindful of their responsibility to the public and fully confident of the facts on which they rely. Then it will be a genuine expression of concern otherwise it is no better than shouting “fire” in a theatre.

Remainers make pronouncements that verge on the hysterical but never explain why. It can’t be because of the EU record on the environment. Sponsored vandalism in Almeria, and its cousin exploited migrant labour, give the lie to that one.

Truth is found in the 1992 pronouncement of a Bill Clinton aid, “The economy, stupid”. The European Central bank has finally given up on the euro currency union and surrendered to negative rates and non-time limited quantitive easing.

The EU supporters who casually use alarming language should address pension funds, including those for local authority employees, being unable to meet their obligations because the assets they hold are guaranteed to lose money.

The old feeding on the efforts of the young, first Greece then pensions now that is something to be frightened of.

Mildmay Grove North, N1


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