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Excluded from the agenda

06 February, 2020 — By John Gulliver

IS it possible to discuss our educational system without discussing the equally crucial problem of “school exclusions” which often drive children onto the streets – and criminality.

The answer is No. Well, that is if you are pretty normal.

But I am afraid common sense doesn’t apply to our learned councillors.

The other week they managed to spend 90 minutes debating education without mentioning exclusions.

I gather a member of the children’s committee had handed in her notice to speak – but was not called.

The wheels turn slowly at the Town Hall.

Apparently, it took more than six months before a special panel set up to investigate the borough’s high annual exclusions’ figures actually met.

Its first report was scheduled for a full council meeting – but it never made it.

No wonder the public have such low opinions of local government – and no wonder so few bother to vote in elections.


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