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Review: Expect some sly, dark jokes in Prevenge

Alice Lowe - who appeared in Ben Wheatley film Sightseers - puts in another killer performance

09 February, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

Alice Lowe in Prevenge

Directed by Alice Lowe
Certificate 15

THERE is a peculiarly British genre of comedy horror that has trundled along for decades without really becoming accessible enough to be truly mainstream but still strong enough to inspire waves of young directors to say: Hey, I’d like to do that.

Prevenge feels like it comes from a stable that’s diverse enough to include everything from Shaun of the Dead and An America Werewolf In London to cult classics such as Alex Chandon’s Inbred (for some, including me, an absolute must-see, by the way – five stars and counting – for others, bonkers nonsense) to Noel Fielding’s I Spit On Your Rave, which never made it to the cinema.

Writer-director and actress Alice Lowe is Ruth, a pregnant woman whose baby-in-the-womb sends her messages, imploring her to kill. As anyone who has had a child will recall, when your baby says jump, you say how high? – so the premise holds true.

We learn that her apparent random slayings actually have a reason behind them as the story unfolds – but no spoilers are truly necessary as the plot isn’t much to look at.

What is the horribly dark idea behind it all. Lowe shot the film in a couple of weeks while seven and a half months pregnant herself – no mean feat – and while this may be the reason for it feeling a little quick in places, she will have a killer story to tell her little one in later years.

Perhaps a screening at the child’s 18th birthday party would be in order… you can imagine a moody teen using this as ammunition against any parental attempts to boss them about.

Lowe has appeared before in the Ben Wheatley film Sightseers, about mass murdering caravaners, and once more she throws in something peculiarly British into the pot. She uses something as stupid as a pregnant slasher flick as the starting point to reveal sly jokes about the way we live today.


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