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Family members have suffered unnecessarily in lockdown

25 June, 2020

• AS a carer for my husband, I would like to join with those who are also in the same boat by telling your readers that our family members who need care have suffered greatly and unnecessarily during lockdown.

Many of the elderly have underlying health issues which have been made worse by doctors not having face-to-face consultations with their patients; it’s equally not satisfactory for them.

You may be able to diagnose a simple problem but when someone is having balance and walking problems, as has my husband, a neurologist needs to see the patient.

Even a video call would be preferable to a phone call. To get my husband seen urgently it has taken my social networking skills and it shouldn’t be like that.

Not everyone is able to do that. We have a right to a well-oiled medical system. We personally are worn out by the system (not by the doctors and nurses). Perhaps others would like to write in too so we can hear their story.



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