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Find some humanity and treat your tenants with respect

18 February, 2021

• I AM 67 years old with breathing difficulties and a weak immune system, so am susceptible to germs.

My wife suffers from stress, depression, and severe anxiety. Our health has worsened since the restrictions.

Letters in the CNJ told of Camden’s harsh tactics to intrude upon tenants in their homes during lockdown, (Access and threats of legal action, February 11 and I’m fed up with Camden demanding access to my home in lockdown, February 4).

We also have been harassed and threatened, first with the gas safety inspection and now with the electrics testing.

The letter I received stated that we could “shield in another room” as the testing would only take about four hours! Where are we supposed to hide in our tiny flat for four hours? The bathroom perhaps?

We don’t want to end up in hospital with Covid-19 or a nervous breakdown from the unreasonable stress this is causing us both.

Come on Camden, try to find some humanity and treat your tenants with respect. We are living in challenging times.

Don’t you think people are suffering enough during this worldwide pandemic and lockdowns without these unwanted intrusions.



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