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Fines for fly-tipping? The resources are not there

11 April, 2019

‘There is a direct correlation between fly-tipping and the change of weekly rubbish collections to every other week’

• REGARDING the introduction of £400 fines for fly-tipping (Conservatives say Town Hall has finally listened after raising fly-tipping penalties, April 4), this is an empty threat – or promise – because while Camden have increased residents’ parking permits by 70 per cent, money they can collect, they do not have the manpower or CCTV to investigate fly-tipping, let alone issue fines.

Tory councillor Oliver Cooper notes that fly-tipping has doubled in the last two years. There is a direct correlation with the change of weekly rubbish collections to every other week, insufficient for Camden’s multi-occupied property conversions.

Streets in NW2 and NW6 are blighted daily by mounds of household, business, and builders’ fly-tipping, discarded furniture, cookers, micro-waves, clothing and large boxes requiring pedestrians to navigate around the unsightly and smelly rubbish, frequently in untied bags which spill out everywhere.



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