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Food trends in Toronto

03 January, 2018

This summer Toronto was without a doubt one of the top cities for foodies with tons of cute, colorful, unique, and of course mouth watering delicacies.

Everything was cheese themed and redefined what Instagram was for die hard foodies.

It was even a popular concept to order burgers online.

Here are some of the other wildly creative Toronto food trends from the summer that gained the Canadian urban city even more hipster points.

Charcoal is probably one of the most interesting Toronto summer food trends.

Places such as iHalo Krunch created a charred coconut husk flavor available in both soft serve and in cones, and CutiePie Cupcakes even made a charcoal dip ice cream cone.

Charcoal coffee was introduced by Jimmy’s Coffee, making it a well known  new trend.

Another popular Toronto food trend is cheese foam. Yes you heard right, cheese foam. Latea Era and Icha Tea,  two local tea shops which opened in the Chinatown and Scarborough areas sell various Asian teas with the option of getting a very thick and creamy cheese foam on top.

Another  Chinatown shop, Matcha Tea & Dessert has also recently added cheese foam to their tea menu. If you’re a fan of cheese but would rather keep it out of your tea, Toronto is also a great place to go for a pizza.

Cookie dough is yet another Toronto trend with a new location of Junked on Queens St right in time for the craze.

They sell flavours such as Golden Oreo and birthday cake with Sweet Tarts.

Dough T.O was also a pop-up cookie dough shop over the summer that sold the most instagrammable vegan chocolate cookie dough possible.
The wacky, electic and must have foods of Toronto do not end here.

Ever heard of Butterfly pea flower? It’s a bright purple newly popular ingredient that is common in many Thai dishes and is served in the best Thai restaurants throughout Toronto, such as Kiin, Si Lom and Shanee.

Purple seems to be colour of the season, as Beet Juice cocktails were also a big hit in Toronto this summer.

Not only does beet juice taste great, but it’s also a superfood. Vegetarian Toronto restaurants such as Planta and District Eatery have broken the belief that vegetarian food is boring with their dynamic beetroot cocktails.

If you’re vegan and not so into the cocktail scene then go all out at Planta Burger, who offer the vegan closest thing to a real burger and fish sandwich.

Sweet Hart Kitchen is your best bet if you’re seeking some delectable vegan donuts and other treats.

Another trendy fad in Toronto is supersized drinks. It’s not only America!

This concept is based on the belief that why should you have just one drink when you can gulp down five at once?

Si Lom serves alcoholic slushie buckets topped with gummy bears.  And don’t forget to check out District Eatery’s 94-ounce Moscow Mule.

For those looking for the perfect Sunday brunch with their crew, Japanese fusion brunch is where it’s at.

Isabella’s Boutique Restaurant as well as NextDoor both serve Japanese inspired brunch, such as fluffy mochi mochi pancakes in exciting varieties like Nutella and berry, or pancakes covered in nori, kewpie mayo, poached eggs and bonito. Not bad at all.


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