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For more police on the streets, vote Conservative

12 April, 2018

• THERE is a lot that Camden Council must do on crime. Conservative councillors have been fighting to put more police on the beat using the Metropolitan Police Service’s “buy one get one free” scheme to hire 18 extra full Met police officers, with one additional officer allocated to each of Camden’s wards.

This match-funding is available to councils, but Camden is not using it. Swiss Cottage’s councillor Don Williams proposed using the policy to hire more police across all of the borough in each of the last seven annual budgets. Every Labour councillor voted against the proposal all seven times.

With the disastrous merger of Camden’s police with Islington, with the consequence that the two boroughs had the two largest increases in crime anywhere in London in the last year, it’s essential that police are made more responsive.

That’s why we back opening a new police contact point, of the sort that used to be opposite West Hampstead tube station, within Swiss Cottage Library: allowing police to patrol Swiss Cottage and Belsize Park from a more local base and allowing residents to report crime in person.

We also want to implement a plan to tackle anti-social behaviour. We often hear reports of “hotspots” of this kind of behaviour and we want to work with tenants’ and residents’ associations to install CCTV in problematic areas to deter this activity.

We believe it should be easier for anti-social tenants to be moved out of council-owned properties to ensure that residents feel safe and comfortable in their own neighbourhoods.

If Camden residents want more police on our streets and a plan to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, vote to elect a strong Conservative opposition on May 3.

Conservative candidates for Swiss Cottage ward


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