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Foreign students pay more for uni, so home students miss out

07 February, 2019

• IT is not fair to compare Camden with Barnet that has highly selective schools which attract best pupils from all over north London, (Too many Camden pupils missing out on Oxbridge, Tories claim, January 31).

One of the reasons why Camden, or rather London, pupils cannot get into Russell Group universities is that there are so many foreign students. They are welcomed by the universities because they pay much higher fees.

A lecturer at one London university told me many of those foreign students are deemed to fail as their English is not good enough, but the bosses do not allow them to fail; the lecturers are made to pass them by any means, then the university will be able to take next batch of cash cows.

The more foreign students universities take, the fewer home students will be allowed in (sadly enough, my son was one of the victims at undergraduate level).

It is understandable that even Russell Group universities need more money due to the funding cuts; the government is to blame. It is an inconvenient truth for the institutions.

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