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Former CNJ delivery man stars as local reporter in new Netflix comedy

The six-part After Life has secured rave reviews

14 March, 2019

RICKY Gervais used home territory for some of his new Netflix comedy After Life.

Several scenes for the series released last week were shot in streets around Hampstead, where he has lived for several years.

The comic plays a local newspaper reporter struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife.

Gervais and his partner, Jane Fallon, were New Journal paper deliverers while living in Bloomsbury earlier in their lives and before finding fame as writers.

“28 years old I was – and it was a job that helped us keep the wolf from the door back then,” he once told an audience at Burgh House. “I was saying I wanted to be a musician but not making any money so after a few years took on odd jobs. That included delivering the Camden New Journal with my girlfriend – we did it together.”

People living in Hampstead will recognise streets near New End in After Life, a six part bittersweet comedy which has received a series of five star reviews this week. One scene is shot outside the legendary Villa Bianca restaurant in Perrins Court.


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