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Fox has a lucky escape

07 June, 2018

Cartoon: John Sadler 

• A FEW days ago I came downstairs to make an early morning cup of tea, only to hear a scrabbling noise above me.

We have a glass roof above our kitchen and I assumed a squirrel had got onto it. Looking up, what did I see? Our neighbour’s large black and white cat, staring at a rather terrified looking fox, that it had cornered. Not the largest fox I have ever seen, but clearly a fox!

The cat caught sight of me standing below and decided that it was time to leave: I am forever shooing it out of our garden. It turned and headed for our neighbour’s property. The fox, clearly relieved, waited a moment and then made a dash for the same exit.

Now we are all used to seeing foxes on our streets. There’s plenty for them to eat from the discarded waste outside fast-food outlets like MacDonald’s. But on our roofs?

I just wish I had had a camera! The only memento of the encounter, a chicken bone on our glass roof, presumably left by the fox.

Ryland Road, NW5


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