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Not usually a sign guy, but, geez, 5-1 against Bayern Munich…

OPINION: Call for Wenger to go all you want, but let's see some more imaginitive placards

16 February, 2017 — By Richard Osley

THE placard boo-boys are out at Arsenal telling the team – and specifically Arsene Wenger – to raise their game. To this may I offer an exaggerated: Au contraire!

For while you can agree with the sentiment produced by the lads unfolding signs asking Wenger to go quietly or, as one said, that “enough is enough”, it is they who need to raise their game, the execution is so miserable. In fact, any opposition fans would be well within their rights to sing, “is that what you drew at school?”, to the tune of “we forgot that you were here”.

These banners, albeit limited by what you can smuggle past the stewards, are truly pathetic.

The worldwide protests to Donald Trump’s election and policies should teach the protesters at the Emirates something. We did not see rows and rows of “Trump Out” signs on these demonstrations. No – the placards that caught the eye and allowed Buzzfeed, that website that is coming for all our inky journalist jobs, to write a list, were either beautifully passive-aggressive or made the point with a lace of wicked humour.

Now, I’m not comparing a president who bans Muslims from travelling, laughs about the way he grabs women and bricks up Mexico, to a guy who thinks he can win the league with Francis Coquelin in midfield, but the principle remains the same. Kinda.

The kids out around the world against Trump had signs that said:

l “Stop Being Silly”

l “I’m Quite Cross About This”

l “I’m Missing EastEnders For This”

l “If Britney can make it through 2007, then we can make it through this”

l “I’d Even Prefer Joffrey”

So, blud in the stands, drop the “enough is enough, time for a change” poster, as right as the embarrassing result in Germany this week proves you to be. You need one that says: “Not usually a sign guy, but Geez…”

That might work, for most of us are not really sign guys, but, 5-1, geez…


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