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12 November, 2020

Stanley Johnson ‘qualified for the compelling “need to sell” compensation scheme’

• WITH regards the article about Stanley Johnson’s near uniquely successful house sale in Park Village East to HS2 Ltd, (We’re not celebrities but please… get us out of here! November 5).

Rumours that the £4.4million high price agreed to be paid to Stanley Johnson by HS2 Ltd in the autumn of 2015 must surely be scurrilously invalid?

Unkind people suggested that the acquisition may have been influenced by:

1) the expectation of silencing a high-profile, roguishly smooth-tongued critic of HS2;

2) him being the then-Mayor of London’s father; and/or

3) Stanley having hosted a private lunch at his property on January 27 for the then transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin and Euston’s HS2 director Rupert Walker.

The actual explanation is that Stanley qualified for the compelling “need to sell” compensation scheme: he needed to move to Queen’s Park because of an ailing elderly relative.

Odd though, that such a healthy “bushwhacker”of I’m a Celebrity fame was apparently not able to tackle a three-mile journey from Park Village East, achievable on a bicycle in 15 minutes.

Anyway, nothing to see here.



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