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Gio Spinella delivers moving tribute to Leila Roy

Former leader of the Tories gives pin-drop speech to full council meeting

01 March, 2021 — By Richard Osley

Leila Roy waves to the CNJ camera at conference in 2019

A FORMER leader of the Conservative group has tonight (Monday) paid a moving tribute to Leila Roy – the former councillor who died suddenly aged 39 on Friday.

Councillor Gio Spinella spoke with raw emotion at a full council meeting about the loss of his friend in a speech filled with memories.

“I want to say ‘enough’,” he said. “I want to say to her basta [Italian for ‘stop’].  This trick you’re playing on us is over – you’ve done it, you’ve convinced us all. Okay – you get to see what we’re saying about you now that you’ve passed away. This trick is over now, it’s getting scary, and I want you to stop, please. But she’s stubborn. She’s stubborn now as she was all along.”

Instead of the traditional silence to mark the passing of a councillor or former councillor, current members clapped and cheered for Ms Roy.

Cllr Spinella added: “I’m glad that tonight instead of a minute’s silence, we’re going to be loud. We’re going to make noise, because life is noise, life is sound and Leila was so full of life, so full of noise, so full of sound. She wasn’t silent for a minute of her life.”



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