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Give bicycles number plates

15 October, 2020

‘Bicycles should be legally designated as traffic and given registration number’

• PAVEMENT cycling remains the largest area of modern life to stand outside our culture of surveillance, for currently there is no way to identify, track or trace an offending cyclist.

The situation has worsened because of the lockdown and lack of visible policing. Added to this, many pavement cyclists now ride while staring at their smartphones or listening to headphones, thereby diminishing their awareness of others.

Bicycles should be legally designated as traffic and given registration numbers so that offenders can be easily apprehended. I have long advocated that bicycles should have number plates. This could be no problem as many already bear various contraptions such as drinks holders.

Otherwise our streets will become a free-for-all, with cyclists forcing their way through pedestrians, doing acrobatics and making a nuisance of themselves.

The culture of “shared space” is also questionable. It only works in parks if white lines are installed to clearly separate cyclists from pedestrians.



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