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Give free parking to trades to reconnect us to services

05 September, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• WOULD it be possible to introduce a free parking scheme for tradesmen who are working in this area, for parking their vehicles without fear of a parking ticket?

Kentish Town has virtually no public car parking, and the procedure for a resident to obtain a short term parking permit is convoluted, to say the least, and very time-consuming.

After waiting all morning for smart meters to be provided for me on gas and electricity by Scottish Power, the man turned up but as he could not park without fear of a ticket declined to do the work as he would have to pay any fines himself.

You could argue that this is a matter between Scottish Power and this agent, but it is not. It is about lack of an easy-to-administer scheme to cover this situation, which I am sure has happened to others. Indeed this is the third time it has happened to me.

Now that huge pay increases are being proposed by the local councillors, for the local councillors I am sure that even more revenue will be needed, so yes let us keep grabbing those parking fines.

Oseney Crescent, NW5


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