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Give us a (comfort) break

22 May, 2020

‘Open toilet facilities pronto’

• I APPEAL to the Crown Estates, the Corporation of London and English Heritage to change their ways and open toilet facilities pronto for the tens of thousands of Camden residents who use Hampstead Heath and Regent’s Park every day.

Throughout the past two months, our walks have been limited by the expectations of our bladders.

Recently, the government revised its “stay home” advice to encourage us to exercise more in the open air, not least for our mental wellbeing.

For weeks I’ve planned my routes with the stations at King’s Cross and St Pancras in mind, because they have kept their facilities open throughout.

I’m sure the public’s need in Regent’s Park and Hampstead Heath far exceeds the modest demands that were made at our mainline station.

Give us a (comfort) break and open up Kenwood, please.

Bartholomew Villas, NW5


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