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Give us back our hospital bus stops for the 46 & 214

18 May, 2017

• I HAVE started an online petition ( to restore the 46 and 214 bus stops on either side of the road outside St Pancras Hospital.

They were removed a year or so ago to make room for a cycle lane that is little used due to the traffic layout at that point (a double set of traffic lights, for which the cyclists have to come off the lane).

The hospital, which fell almost into disuse once the London Hospital for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine moved out, is back in use. In addition to a busy GP surgery it is also an adjunct of the Royal Free Hospital and is, in particular, the site of the Mary Rankin Diabetes and Kidney Centre, where I am one of many patients.

People with renal failure have difficulty walking. Removing the bus stop means that many have to use hospital transport, another burden on the NHS and ultimately the taxpayer.

The removal of the bus stops was an act of sheer cruelty, especially as bus routes, such as the 46, have actually recently been rerouted to serve other hospitals (such as St Bartholomew’s).

King’s Cross Road, WC1


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