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Give us back the digital information board at the bus stop

23 August, 2019

• WHO is responsible for bus stops? The buck must stop with Sadiq Khan. I must voice a loud and noisy complaint that the bus stop on the corner of Kentish Town Road and Prince of Wales Road has been “renewed” – but without the digital notification of buses due.

Instead we are told to text a number to another number. Removing the digital info is a hugely retrograde step – not least because texting the number hardly ever works.

It requires ownership of a smartphone (many older folk do not have one); it requires digging into a handbag and putting my spectacles on while juggling heavy shopping bags, and then the text often “fails to send” probably due to a signal blockage in the area.

The bus stop (KM) is a very busy one, serving six buses, and sits in a narrow part of a pavement congested by shoppers exiting the facing shops with pedestrians trying to pass by.

Digital notifications are wonderful, aiding quick decisions as to travel options. Not having them makes me want to reconsider buying/driving a car… when bus services decline, private car ownership will only increase.

Is that really what Sadiq Khan is trying to achieve? Put the digital information board back!



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