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Google Maps should wake up about cycling on the footpath

05 April, 2018

• YEARS ago, a “Cyclists Dismount” sign was placed at each end of the narrow footpath Lyme Terrace, which runs from Royal College Street to Camden Road in Camden Town.

One sign has long gone but the other, outside Highstone Mansions, remains. Not infrequently, I stop cyclists who are ignoring the rule of the road and cycling along this footpath, reminding them that they are breaking the law (Highways Act 1835, Section 72).

Some of the foreigners among these cyclists have told me that they do not know the law and some say that they do not know what the word “dismount” means anyway.

Modern mapping with new technology means that many a cyclist now relies on services such as Google Maps. In the past year, a number of cyclists whom I’ve stopped cycling along Lyme Terrace have told me that they are just following Google Maps’ instructions.

Surely, Google Maps should liaise with Camden Council, Transport for London, City Hall and the Metropolitan Police Service so that their maps do not encourage law-breaking and cycling on footpaths anywhere in the capital?

Here’s a job for London’s Cycling Czar.

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