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Greens select Kirsten de Keyser to stand in Barnet and Camden

Candidate insists a 'Green surge' is changing London's political landscape

17 June, 2019 — By Richard Osley

Kirsten de Keyser

THE Green Party will field former council election candidate Kirsten de Keyser in the Barnet and Camden constituency at next year’s London Assembly elections.

A new face is set to represent the twin-borough constituency after Labour’s Andrew Dismore announced plans to step down. He held a healthy majority in 2016 but both the Greens and the Lib Dems have been encouraged by their showing at the recent European elections, when their Remain messages appeared to resonate in Camden, a borough where around three-quarters of those who took part in the EU referendum wanted to stay in the union.

The Greens came third in Barnet and Camden last time.

Ms de Keyser, a former Lib Dem who is now a leading organiser in the Greens locally, standing in the Highgate ward at the last Town Hall elections, said “The Green surge is growing in London and beyond. Faced with the chaos, the confusion and the sheer incompetence of the old parties, voters are longing for a fresh, honest voice to represent them. I am a true Barnet and Camden local. My two children were born at Barnet General Hospital and for the past 15 years Camden has been my home. My heart belongs to both boroughs and I know from personal experience how very different they are and how very similar, all at the same time.”

Barnet and Camden constituency result, May 2016

She added: “As the GLA Assembly Member, I shall tackle head-on the challenges facing Barnet in making its voice heard at City Hall, where the greener London boroughs are so often ignored. I shall also get straight on, from day one, with untangling Camden’s chronic, polluted grid lock on our roads and the overcrowding and overcharging, caused by our broken housing market. Politics as usual is simply not an option. It has not worked and it will not work.”

The Lib Dems selected former Islington councillor Marisha Ray for the constituency earlier this month, while the Conservatives are fielding Barnet councillor Roberto Weeden-Sanz. Labour has not announced who its candidate will be.


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