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Guards can help cut crime and boost employment

07 June, 2018

• I WAS in Camden Town last Sunday and I met some folks who work as security guards for estates in Camden. I thought this is the best idea the council has produced this century, as the reality of life for people on Camden estates can be insecure at best and downright terrifying at worst.

Now, considering the numbers of vulnerable people that reside there, it is important to have confidence that where you live is healthy – socially speaking. And though more may be paid in council tax, this would sure help their confidence in socially fragmenting times.

The police themselves claim to be underfunded albeit they spend a reported £36million on public relations. I find that criminal as it should be the public first, and yet when someone dials 101 they get an answer machine on many occasions. I question why the public should be put on hold in this way.

So now is the time, as it’s a win-win for Camden estate residents, the council, and the police. More would create more employment, it would reduce crime and it would save more police time. It would be great if it was rolled out everywhere, especially in neighbouring Islington.

Amwell Street, EC1


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