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Hamper Appeal: Help make sure nobody is forgotten this Christmas

Camden is a caring community - so let's make sure everybody has a smile this festive period

27 November, 2017

IN a blink of an eye, the big day will be here: Christmas. It’s a special time of year, perfect for nights catching up with friends and family, waiting for Santa and clinking mugs of mulled wine.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Not for everybody. Sadly, there are people living in our streets who have no invitation to the party. We are thinking of the elderly feeling isolated at home, some of who face spending Christmas in an armchair with a blanket over their knees watching the telly alone. Their loved ones may have passed on and help seems so far away.

Then there are the breadline parents struggling to get by who are not looking forward to the festive season at all: how must the pressure to buy their children something special feel in these coming weeks, as the adverts are ramped up and their classmates seem to be ready to be given the whole shop? The devastating truth is that official statistics show a third of children in Camden are growing up in poverty.

We are also thinking of people who have gone through terrible hardship in the past 12 months: we’ve reported on neighbours whose lives have been wrecked by floods and fires this year, for example. This is all happening in our communities, which is why every year we organise our Hamper Appeal.

The premise is simple: we collect as much money as we can from readers to pay for as many hampers as possible to be sent out to some of the people mentioned above. Of course, a gift cannot bring back a loved one or put an expensive gift under the tree for a child who has nothing, but it is a way of us all showing Camden that we care about our community, and that together we do not believe anybody should be left by the wayside. Please help by donating anything from one pence upwards or by setting up sponsored event to raise funds. We will make sure everybody who takes part features in our coverage.

You can send a cheque to Camden Journal Hamper Fund or donate online below:


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