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Hampstead Heath cafés in line for new three-year leases

Cafes once at threat of Benugo takeover now look set to stay

09 February, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

HAMPSTEAD Heath managers the City of London are in talks with their cafés over issuing new three-year leases.

The City caused outrage two years ago when they sought to hand over the management of family-run cafés at Parlia- ment Hill Fields and Golders Hill Park to coffee chain Benugo. The firm eventually pulled out of the deal in the face of a prolonged protest by café regulars – and now the City have revealed new deals are on the table for the two cafés.

A City spokesman said: “We are currently negotiating for three-year leases with the existing tenants at Golders Hill Park and Parliament Hill cafés. The cafés are valued as community hubs, and food cost, quality, and atmosphere are seen as the most important factors. The income we receive from our facilities is used to help support our work to maintain the Heath.”

Cafe Working Group member Kirstie McKevitt said: “The working group has been monitoring the negotiations and working with both the cafés and the City of London. “We hope they will reach a satisfactory conclusion.”


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