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Hampstead Town: Hard work earned us victory, say Tories

Conservative hails colleague as 'Camden's hard-working councillor'

04 May, 2018 — By Richard Osley

Oliver Cooper

THE Conservatives held off a challenge from the Liberal Democrats to retain Hampstead Town.

Oliver Cooper will return to the Town Hall with Stephen Stark, who he described as Camden’s “hardest working councillor”. They will be joined by Maria Higson, a new face who could be the only woman on the Conservative benches.

The former Liberal Democrat councillor Linda Chung polled in four figures but it was not enough to earn a seat in the council chamber.

Cllr Cooper said: “There’s no secret to why we won: hard work. Stephen Stark and myself have been knocking on doors for absolutely ages.”

He had been warned that voters in Hampstead would turn on the Conservatives in protest at Brexit, especially as he himself had supported the Leave campaign.

I always said that people would vote on local issues,” said Cllr Cooper. “Councillors are deciding on one billion budget locally, so it would be pointless to vote in these elections on national or international issues. Labour has won the most seats today, which makes it even more important that we have good opposition councillors.”


Richard Bourn GREEN 243
Linda Chung LIB DEM 1,247
Will Coles LIB DEM 826
Oliver Cooper CONSERVATIVE 1,455
Sue Cullinan LABOUR 898
Andrew Haslem-Jones LIB DEM 879
Maria Higson CONSERVATIVE 1,400
Sunny Mandich LABOUR 811
Michael Pawlyn GREEN 175
Ramsay Short GREEN 135
James Slater LABOUR 799
Stephen Stark CONSERVATIVE 1,522

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