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Handcuffing a 12-year old is cretinously stupid

30 July, 2020

Schoolboy Kai Agyepong

• I THINK our police watch too many US crime shows – a country which doesn’t have a good reputation for dealing with crime – they can’t even make discreet enquiries any more but have to use sledgehammers and violent techniques to raid people’s homes for a simple investigation, (Boy, 12, arrested by armed police over toy gun, July 23).

And handcuffing a 12-year old is cretinously stupid. I can’t imagine how distressing it must have been for Alice Mina Agyepong and family to suffer such a ridiculously over-the-top police invasion, late at night.

But what should the police have done when they had a report of “a black male with a gun”?

I’m not even sure the “black” makes much difference, anyone with a gun would scare me; but we are in a time of heightened awareness of racial issues.

In the good old days, they could have asked the local bobby about the family. But we don’t have that sort of policing now, do we? It’s all “blues and twos”!

Even local council data might have helped show that only a mother and three children lived there. But perhaps they could have used their brains?

They could have knocked quietly on a neighbour’s door and made a few discreet enquiries, which would have established that here was a family of young kids, not armed drug dealers.

The investigating officers would still need to be cautious, but we read of these dramatic raids – always at dawn or midnight – far too often. It is time our police started using their brains instead of battering rams.

And what has happened to community policing, another effect of Tory cuts?

Eton Avenue, NW3


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