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Hard to imagine that Sir Keir was once a human rights lawyer

14 January, 2021

Sir Keir Starmer

• WE have seen the third attack on a Palestinian hospital by Israel’s armed forces in a month – Israeli forces attacked Al-Durrah hospital in the Gaza Strip, the Palestine medical complex in Ramallah as well as Dr Thabet Thabet hospital in Tulkarem.

Why, oh why, do they do it? Theirs is a continued assault upon the Geneva Conventions and upon all human rights. The defence minister and Benjamin Netanyahu will be held responsible one day.

Here, Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer is also responsible, for failing to tell the British public and his part concealing these crimes. His silence and failure to show even the mildest form of disapproval allows these crimes to continue unabated.

Hard to imagine that Sir Keir was once a human rights lawyer, as he now expels Labour’s most committed activists, and who show their disapproval for such massacres.

And many fear that Sir Keir will seek even more powers…

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