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Have another look at the bus shelter

22 October, 2020

Bus shelter in Prince of Wales Road, Kentish Town

• JOHN Gulliver shows a picture of a bus shelter apparently placed in a cycle lane, (Bus collision course, October 15).

But appearances can be misleading and his allegation that “the designers of the scheme… came up with the bright idea that… it would have to be put on the middle of a cycle lane” is false.

The photo shows the shelter in the position it has been in all along. The contractor laying the cycle track has simply chosen to work around it, leaving the relocation of the shelter for a later stage, though it would probably have been preferable if this had been done earlier.

Markings on the ground (visible in the photo) show that the shelter will go on the island and it was always designed that way.

We know John Gulliver seeks to amuse us with the quirks of life in Camden, and he generally succeeds, but perhaps he ought to consider the possibility that some council staff and contractors are actually doing their jobs correctly for the good of its citizens.



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