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Have your say on climate change

13 June, 2019

• THIS summer Camden Council is running what may be the country’s first “Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Emergency”.

The assembly will be made up of people with diverse views about the crisis and be representative of backgrounds from across Camden.

Over three meetings the citizens will learn how the climate crisis is already affecting the borough and communities around the world.

They will develop an understanding of how significant CO2 reduction can be technically achieved in Camden – as well as the trade-offs and costs required to secure the deep decarbonisation needed to limit global temperature rises.

We need to understand where people are at, how far citizens are willing to go, and understand how this measures up against the scale of the challenge.

The assembly will report back to a dedicated full council meeting slated for October 7. We will incorporate this into the heart of a new environment plan for the 2020s that Camden will introduce next year.

You can get involved right now and share your ideas for change via our online Commonplace platform. You can submit your ideas to the assembly on how we can cut CO2 emissions in four different areas: “At home”, “In my neighbourhood”, “My council” & “My country”.

Camden has already reduced its CO2 emissions by 32 per cent since 2010, which is good progress. But we now need everyone to pool resources to drive bigger lasting change.

Have your say now by going to:

Cabinet Member for a Sustainable Camden


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