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Having glyphosate sprayed by our council is unacceptable

11 April, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler:

• I HAVE noticed that Camden have recently sprayed the streets of Dartmouth Park with weedkiller, presumably glyphosate. This is evidenced by the yellowing plants and grasses along the pavements. I have taken photographs.

This has been done, as always, secretly at night so that residents do not have any knowledge of the operation. As usual the herbicide has also been sprayed on private property; garden gates, front steps, house walls, private paved areas.

My house has no front garden and my front door opens directly on to the street. My front step has been sprayed. As I was not notified of this by Camden, like fellow residents, I was not able to take precautions such as take off and wash my and my small grandchildren’s shoes, wash the dog’s paws, clean the bike wheels, etc, meaning that the residue has been brought into my home.

This will be the same for all of us. I do not want glyphosate in my house. I do not want my local authority to be taking this dangerous action which is against the best interests of residents.

I consider the spraying of my property to be trespass and I am minded to take action against the council. Some years ago when I asked why this spraying was done without notification a councillor told me that there were no resources to do this, a pathetic excuse.

I am amazed that Camden persists with this dangerous action the light of all the knowledge in the public realm of the dangers to human health from glyphosate.

Some years ago it might have been wise to advise Camden to desist from the use of glyphosate, using the precautionary principle, but now I think, particularly in the light of the recent court case against Monsanto in America, the council is taking a huge risk of being sued by residents who become ill.

York Rise, NW5


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