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Health workers reminded to remove IDs after work following reports of muggings

Thieves may be using IDs to pose as health workers in supermarkets 

23 March, 2020 — By Tom Foot

A Great Ormond Street Hospital doctor said ‘the rumours are most certainly true’

HEALTH workers have been advised to remove NHS identification after leaving work following reports of a spate of muggings.

Whittington Hospital managers said they had reminded staff of the protocol after concerns circulated that staff had been robbed on their way home.

It has been suggested criminals are “targeting” the hospital workers for IDs to shop in supermarkets during morning windows reserved specifically for NHS staff.

The Met Police said today (Monday) they had had no official reports of the muggings but despite this they have contacted hospitals, including the Whittington, asking for information.

There were similar reports of muggings outside University College London Hospital and the Royal Free. A doctor at Great Ormond Street Hospital told the New Journal two junior doctors had been mugged for their phones after work.

He said “the rumours are are certainly true”, adding: “Two of the incidents occurred to two of our junior doctors. They were not reported to the police. One occurred in daytime hours, the other involved a threat with a knife. Both involved theft of mobile phones.

“I am aware of two other incidents of doctors from Great Ormond Street, although I have not verified it with them personally. Thieves have operated around the area surrounding Great Ormond Street Hospital for a long time. However I suspect fewer people on the street has meant greater opportunity.”

At Barnet Hospital, part of the Royal Free London group, an ATM cash machine was stolen by thieves on Sunday.

A Met statement sent to the Whittington, Royal Free and UCLH, said: “We are aware of claims of NHS staff being deliberately targeted by criminals in London. The MPS is not aware of any recent reports of this nature. If you have direct knowledge of such a crime, please report it and we will investigate.”

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